Here's what some of our guests had to say about Olympia Village

Phil Kneppert

I came to The Olympia Village RV & Campground about 8 years ago. I work across Canada as a construction Millwright and red seal Industrial Mechanic so putting down roots is not really an option for me. I was looking for a place to set up my toy hauler because there was some work in Hamilton Ontario,  I ended up staying 5 seasons  and it wasn't because of the work, it was because of the people that I met at  Olympia. Everybody at this park is one big family and will go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and having a good time. Thanks to everyone at Olympia Village. 


Darren & Karen Taylor

We came across Olympia quite by accident. We travelled for a season and a half with good friends and we all decided to try seasonal for a while. We will never look back, going seasonal was the BEST decision we made. The Olympia Family made our first season one to remember and we appreciate how everyone has made us feel welcome so quickly! The new friends we've met are out of this world and you couldn't ask for a better place for your kids to have a terrific summer. Our boys are still young and we hope they can enjoy many more years with the Olympia families.


Kim Dennis

My family and I have been in this park for 5 or 6 years now and we love the park. We have looked at a lot of other parks out there and they do not have as much going on as Olympia Village. I love that we are doing the Breast Cancer Day it means a lot to me. Everyone is so friendly! 


Laura & Dave

We had an amazing season at Olympia village. We are looking forward to many more seasons with our family. Jt and Nicole really enjoyed being able to ride bikes, swim, play at the park, play darts and the many other things they did this past summer. Thanks to a great family atmosphere we have a fun safe and fun place we call our second home.

Anne Marie & John

2011 was our first season in Olympia Village. I have been camping since I was a child, and this place is the best place I've ever been to...the people and the atmosphere are incredible. We were welcomed in by everyone and fit right in. So many fun things to do and people to enjoy them with, wether sitting at your trailer for a fire or up to the dance (my favorite part) on a Saturday night, you'll always feel like you're at home. This is my new "summer home" for years to come :-) OLYMPIA ROCKS!

Sean and Teresa Boyd and Family

This was our first year camping at Olympia Village and our family just wants to say a big "Thank You". We came from a park where the owners were rude and inconsiderate to their campers and their families. We were welcomed at Olympia Village by Paul and the other members of the park and had a wonderful camping season. Paul worked day and night to ensure that we were able to setup and enjoy our new sites for this season and he did an amazing job. Kudos to everyone at the park and a special thank you to the entertainment committee for entertaining us throughout the season. Looking forward to seeing everyone next camping season. Keep up the good work everyone. 

Shelly&Casey DeGroot

I have been a camper at this park since I was a little girl (8year's old) I started camping here with my parent's. Years have gone by and I came back with my kids ..33 year's later and I'm still a camper at Olympia Village Park.  Great people, great managers Lots to do and lots of  FUN FUN . . . . can't wait till next season. 

Peggy McGrade

My husband and I love Olympia Village, we call it our Little Ponderosa!  When we get there we forget all our worries and woes and absolutely enjoy ourselves and chill ! We have met so many wonderful people over the years and some of them have become close friends, which is wonderful!  I find my inner self and my serenity when I am there. There is always something going on and a dance every Saturday night, my husband and I dance the night away amongst our friends and family!  I would highly recommend this park to anyone, the people the management and the park Rock !!!


James (Chico) Mcgrade

my wife Peggy and myself have been campers for 6 years now at Olympia and will be for many, many years to come. Olympia is our home away from home in the summer and we wouldn't have it any other way. We have such a great time there with all the friends we've made over the years. There is so much to do for all ages and there is always something going on.  When you go into the park and that gate closes behind you, you are in another world. I call it my wonderland of great times, good friends, and all round great memories!

Marty Waddell & Sherry Gravelle

This will be our third season in the park! We came from a park that offered nothing for families and the kids. Since coming to Olympia we have experienced a whole new way of camping with friendliness and activities, for the family. A potential customer asked the owner when do fires have to be out. His reply - October -  priceless!!!! We highly recommend this park.


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