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New Trees Being Planted: Nov-Dec, 2017

TREES, TREES, THE BEAUTIFUL TREES! We've been busy during November and December transplanting trees from the tree farm at the south end of the property to the seasonal, overnight and pull through areas at the north end. You'll notice some new rock landscaping too.  Everything grows fast in Ontario so it won't take long for these new trees to offer lots of shade and provide even more privacy to our guests.

Olympia village year round sites
Olympia Village RV Park pool

Hollywood North: February 2018

Over the last 10 years, Olympia Village has played host to quite a few video and film productions.  We have a beautiful location that producers love. 


From February 5 to 8, 2018 We welcomed the production crew from "Fear Thy Neighbour" who are shooting a full episode of the show for their 5th season on Discover ID.  There are about 40 cast and crew from the GTA working on the production from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm on each of the 4 days.

2 of our year-round residents on Main Street have made their beautiful homes available for the duration of the shoot. The crew has also taken over the Snack Bar to use as their production office, wardrobe and makeup area.  They also have a convoy of trucks for all of their props, lighting, grip, and craft services.

Olympia Village is being used as a stand-in for  North Canton Ohio, USA.  We can't tell you any specifics about the storyline or the actors - we've been sworn to secrecy!  You can, however, check out past episodes of the show at this link:

pull through
Olympia Village RV Park pool
Olympia Village RV Park pool
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